FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the infection screen shown before windows starts?

Our system has a strong physical low level encryption, which encrypts all of your data storages, include usb devices. Windows repair programs or other diagnositc tools can't restore any data.

What will happen if I just reinstall my computer?

All your data will be irreversible destroyed and you have to buy a new windows license. Nobody can restore any data without your personal decryption key.

Which encryption algorithms are used?

The RSA (cryptosystem) 4096 bit and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 bit are used. Both systems are very secure and can't be bypassed or cracked.

What can i do?

Follow the decryption wizard on this page. It will help you with the payment and the dexryption of your computer. In some cases your personal data will be published to the darknet if you don't pay!